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Bubble up your nails…

Oops….. A new trend has bubbled up to the surface. And its gonna be a controversial trend in the nail industry..


‘Bubble nails’ had already bubbled up in US a few years ago, but they are getting serious Instagram attention in the last few weeks..


It’s more like a ‘hump nails’. According go an article in ‘Nails Magazine’, in order to get the look, you start with sculpting acrylic gel onto the nail to create a dome shape which is then filed down to create a short, square and very arched shape.


Bows, studs and plastic flowers are added to the already weighty-looking extentions.


Anyway, personally I wouldn’t wear them any time soon, but I think it looks interesting and unique. And the artist is trying to expand the horizon of nail art and be creative in their work..


However, I can’t imagine that they are all too practical.
How are we gonna text in mobile!!!!
But I know what will they say. ‘Don’t knock it till you try it!’

So ya!!
Who all are ready for the bubbled nail make over…



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