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That one fear..

Spiders, they creep and crawl all over walls
They have eight legs and eight eyeballs
Hairy, scary, creepy, and freaky
They wander and roam they sure are sneaky

Whenever I see a spider I yelp, shriek, and scream
I see them in my nightmares but not in my dreams
They spin their webs above my head
Spiders are what I dread

Arachnophobia I’ve been told
Is a fear of spiders and a fear that I hold
They disgust, repulse, and absolutely scare me
Spiders are what terrify me I can guarantee

-Isabel Realyvasquez

When I was writing about all my likes and interests, this friend of mine have asked me to write about my fears. And when I hear that, the only thing that came to my mind..
The one thing  I’m scared of from my very childhood, still now..
Without any change..
Its nothing else, but spiders.. I donno from when and why i’m scared of spiders.. But recently my grandma was telling me, ‘poor kid, still how scared she is.. The fear has grown worse with age..’ 😛

Spiders are the worst thing I have ever felt. There is nothing more terrifying to me than a spider and the feeling I get when I see one.

Ya!! I am scared of spiders.. Actually that’s the only thing I’m scared of.. Yes, I am arachnophobic..
I should say its so common among people. Researches show that up to 50% of women and 18% of men suffer from arachnophobia. Severe arachnophobes are so scared of spiders they can’t even bear to look at a picture, and I am one among them.

scared of spiders

“OHMYGOD, there’s a MASSIVE one in the bathroom!” It might not be so massive for others.. I have no clue why the fear of spiders actually causes the spider to appear larger than it really is. Anyway, even if its a small spider it’s scary..

Like many types of phobia, arachnophobia can be triggered by a traumatic incident involving a spider that occurred in the past. In some cases, this can be an event that a sufferer cannot even remember. Anyway, I don’t remember any such incident happen in my live.

My mom always says, ‘its not gonna eat you!’.. I know Yes, I know they are harmless (unless they cause me to have a heart attack!).. Anyway as I am an arachnophobic, I have a lot of spider hunters in the house, because they know if there is a spider somewhere in the house, I wont even get in to the house.. 😛

Anyway, this is all about my fear.. 😀 The only thing I am scared of..
Actually I cant even upload a picture of spider in this, because when I google for the pictures of spiders, its making me so creepy..

So what about you??
What is that one thing that you are scared of??




Hi! I'm Anjali. I am just a simple girl little more than ordinary…. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. I am ambitious and I follow my heart..

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