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“I’m sorry, you remind me of someone”.. Have you ever told this to anyone???
Its like, you will be having an exact double somewhere in the world. Do you believe that?
Anyway I do..
I do believe in doppelgangers. (I know its crazy)
I know its funny. Actually that word itself sound funny..

Yup!! Doppelganger..

Who all know what it is??
In German, the word Doppelganger means,  “Double Walker”. In fiction and folklore, doppelganger is pictured as one who nearly or completely resembles another- but with no biological relation. Believed to be an omen of death if one was ever to see their Doppelganger.
There are a lot of accounts of doppelgangers in history, but most of it was paranormal. check this link for the records. In literature, doppelgangers describes with sinister, demonic qualities, or more like an evil twin.
But for me, its just simple. Someone that looks the exact same as another person yet not a twin. Or someone just like your clone. Everyone has a twin somewhere out there. And in my life i have came through some like that.. The exact clone of someone.

But still, I have not find my doppelganger..  As I have mentioned above, it is death if we see our doppelganger.. I don’t believe in that..

Anyway, I’m waiting to see my doppelganger and I really do believe we’ll meet one day 😉
What about you??
🙂 🙂 🙂



Hi! I'm Anjali. I am just a simple girl little more than ordinary…. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. I am ambitious and I follow my heart..

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