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The Birthday Candles

When you were a kid, actually not only as a kid, still you must be doing that..
Candles-on-the-cake thing for Birthdays..
All knows how it goes..Someone pots the exact number of little “birthday candles” on the cake which are then lit, and then everyone will sing the jolly “Happy Birthday To You”. At this point, you’ve wracked your brains for the very best wish you can think of (which i always use to forgot during my birthday because of the excitement 😉 )without discussing it with anyone,
you take a deep breath and blow out the candles…
If you blow them all at once, you get your wish..
(Which is a bit difficult now these days because of the magic candles available in the market now)

blowing birthday candles

We all know that candles can hold prayers and the fire is a great energizer and transformer. This made the old birthday candle rituals a little weak, as far as real juju goes, we came up with new ideas. We are no longer using a bunch of candles, instead one big candle.

Like many a good tradition, the burning of birthday candles started with the ancient Greeks who baked moon shaped honey cakes and decorated them with birthday candles to make the moon appear to glow. They ancient Greeks also believed that the smoke from the birthday candles would carry their offering of honey cake up to the sky to please the Greek Moon Goddess Artemis.

The Europeans continued the tradition of lighting birthday candles in celebration. The birthday candles were sometimes kept burning all day, both as a celebration but also as a way to ward off evil for the year to come. In Germany a single large birthday candle would be placed in the middle of the cake to celebrate the birthday holiday of “Kinderfest”. As well as being part of the celebration, the birthday candle was also believed to ward off evil spirits who were particularly active on a child’s birthday. Kinderfest birthday candles are marked with years one to twelve and only burnt as down enough to mark the child’s age.

Across cultures, there has long been the belief that a wish can be granted when the birthday candles are blown out. Some people believe that all of the birthday candles have to been blown out before the wish can be granted. In other cultures, it is considered bad luck to blow out the birthday candles before the evening meal is eaten.

Many cultures share the tradition of putting an equal number of birthday candles on the cake to the number of years of life being celebrated. Bad news for old timers! In some households, an extra birthday candle is added for luck.


So, it seems we have the ancient Greeks to thank for starting the tradition, the Europeans for carrying it on, and everyone who ever dimmed the lights and started a chorus of “Happy Birthday” with a birthday cake topped with candles in their hands for taking into the new millennium.

So, let me ask you all… Do you ever know that there are this much history with the birthday candle rituals….

Anyway, today for different reasons we put candles on our birthday cakes. There is still a certain amount of superstition involved as well.  It’s not unusual that the birthday girl or boy must make a wish before blowing out the candles but not tell anyone what it is. If they do tell the wish will not come true. (as always, the wish wont come true when we share it with someone).
If all the candles are blown out in one breath, the wish will come true – again, as long as they didn’t tell anyone what they were wishing.  The candles left on the cake not blown out after one try are how many boyfriends or girlfriends you have.
Ya!! That’s so funny..
I guess you can’t have your wish and have a boyfriend or girlfriend too! 😛 (So better don’t blow out the candle)

So that’s all…
Now, for your next birthday don’t forget these..
Have fun..
🙂 🙂



Hi! I'm Anjali. I am just a simple girl little more than ordinary…. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. I am ambitious and I follow my heart..

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