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3D Nails..

A new trend is about to invade the world of nail art! Following patches and nail jewelry, now is the time for 3D printed nails!3d nails by laser girls

Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, two designers based in New York, make up The Laser Girls, a brand set to revolutionize the world of beauty by offering resin or metal false nails, made on a computer and printed using a high definition 3D printer. After printing, these unique creations are painted in trendy colors. Our favorites are the red ‘Lego’ nails and the highly detailed haute couture claws!


The nails can be taken off and reworn..


Designing the nails can take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks depending on the complexity. Prototyping and printing them is a much longer process taking anywhere from 3-4 weeks. Once done with the prototyping, final production takes 2 weeks.







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