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Mural Painting into fashion??

Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depicting mythology and legends, which are drawn on the walls of temples and churches in South India,principally in Kerala.


A close study of the mural art of Kerala will prove to be valuable in understanding the state’s art and cultural tradition.


The state of Kerala holds the second place in having the largest collection of archaeologically important mural sites, the first being Rajasthan. The mural tradition of Kerala evolved as a complement to her unique architectural style.


The dominant colors in Kerala murals are ocher-red, ocher-yellow, white, bluish green and pure green. Colors are prepared from vegetables and mineral pigments, white from lime, black from shoot of oil lamps, red is derived from vermilion (mercuric sulphide), lac and red lead, yellow from realgar (arsenic sulphide), blue from plants like ‘neela amarai’ (Indigo ferra), and green from local mineral called Eravikkara. Wooden utensils are used for mixing the colors and binding media used is derived from a tender coconut water and extracts from neem tree.

So what if Mural painting is there in the apparel that we wear??

Yes, some talented artists have already come up with that.

1369219645_512304939_1-Kerala-Mural-painting-on-off-white-Bengal-cotton-saree-with-zaree-border-BTM-2nd-Stage img001 DSC00797

Those artists have took the effort to implement the mural painting in sarees.

I think we can see mural art in fashion, in a few years…





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